About Me

Formal Stuff

Name: Mervin

Age: 20’s

Location: Sydney, Australia

Education: Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering) @ University of New South Wales

Not-so Formal Stuff

Right, I really hate About Me pages since I know who I am, but what exactly is important enough to put on these for other people to care?

Anyway, I’m a bit of a computer buff with several years of programming skills that started back in High School when I got a taste of making my own website which eventuated in me ditching my childhood ambition of becoming scientist to become an engineer instead.

Aside from programming which I enjoy as both a profession and hobby, I’m also a bit of an amateur photographer armed with my Pentax K20D DSLR. You can see my lovely shots on Flickr.

The Name “Vylen”

I figured it would be worth mentioning the name I’ve been using. I sorta, uh, stole it from another person who used it in a MUD some years ago. I asked him about it and his pronunciation for it was like “violent” but without the “t”. But, as you probably know from the site title, I prefer the “villain” pronunciation. Oh, I’ve been using the name since 2003 – that’s long enough to claim it as my own, right? 😉