The World

The World is my rendition of “The World R:2”, a fictional MMORPG featured in the .hack//G.U franchise. There are (have been?) a lot of attempts out there to produce some variation on “The World” but they have either been 2D or just never finished. Also, they were always written for Windows. So this attempt is not only in full 3D, but, is written with Mac OS X in mind. While there’s no guarantee that my project will not suffer the same fate as others out there, I would like to stay optimistic that something playable will be released in some form or another.

Client Details

The World is currently being developed on Mac OS X in C++. I am, however, trying to limit dependencies on OS X-only libraries if I were to ever port this onto the Windows platform or onto Linux. The 3D rendering engine is Irrlicht, an open source multiplatform 3D engine that is also written in C++. The audio engine is currently irrKlang, another cross platform library, but not open source.

Aside from the use of those two “major” libraries, everything else being written from scratch – essentially the game engine that lets you do stuff is being written and designed by yours truly.

Server Details

As The World is meant to be an online game, a server is needed and so I’m using RedDwarf as the server backend. It is a Java application that is quite powerful and scalable.

Development Tools

I think someone out there would be interested in knowing what applications I’m using to help me develop the game.

Client coding is done in XCode.

Server development is done with NetBeans.

3D modelling and pre-rendering is done with Blender.

Texture/image creation using Adobe Photoshop.

Versioning control using git.