Exercise and Eating Well

One of my last posts here was a summary on my diet – that was over two years ago. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been maintaining my health and fitness all this time. I’m still averaging 66 to 69kg’s depending on the time of day and I’m happier for it. It’s not like I’ve […]


Diet Summary [Completed]

Right, well, I could have completely posted about this when I finished my diet back in… May… but I didn’t, cause I was lazy. Woo! Putting that poor excuse aside, as a small recap, I was on a 3-phase diet for 18 weeks where the first phase was eating only dinners and having meal supplements […]


Diet – Phase 1 – Post-mortem (excellent progress!)

Hello all! It’s been a while since I last posted and although I did say I’d try post after the first month, I well… didn’t. Been busy with things here and there and had other more pressing things to attend to. In any event, though, posting right after the completion of Phase 1 is more […]


Diet – First Week – Portmortem

Ok, well, I was meant to post this earlier in the day but I got a bit lazy. Well, whatever, a little late is better than really late :p Anyway, as previously stated, I started my diet on Saturday and yesterday (Friday) marked the 7th day – a whole week on the program – and […]


Diet – First Day – Postmortem

Haven’t posted in a while, and since it would be a good idea to post about something, I figured that my diet would be post-worthy. Why? Well, it’s a “proper” diet – whatever that means. Well, actually, it means I’m following a program – specifically Healthy Weight For Life. It’s supposedly good, and well, it […]