Exercise and Eating Well


One of my last posts here was a summary on my diet – that was over two years ago. I’m pleased to say that I’ve been maintaining my health and fitness all this time. I’m still averaging 66 to 69kg’s depending on the time of day and I’m happier for it.

It’s not like I’ve turned into a health nut either in order to accomplish this. There’s a lot of fitness trackers and health monitors on the market now as a consequence of there being a rise in health conscious people. Whilst there’s nothing really wrong with this, as with any interest, it can be a bit scary in the way it can become an obsession. Fortunately, I don’t own any of those devices or do things like record calorie intake in a diary, etc, etc.

Well, that social observation aside, the most I do is just be conscious of what I eat or don’t eat. I try to have some serving of vegetables a day and try not to eat too much carbs. Essentially, have everything balanced. Of course, I sometimes still splurge on junk food and eat chips, cake, chocolate, etc, but who doesn’t do that?

However, the other key thing is exercise!Daily Exercise

What helped me lose all that wait those couple years ago was running every day. It’s now become an integral part of my daily life that it would feel unnatural and wrong if I don’t go running. There are rest days every 4 or so days so that my body recover; otherwise it would just do me more bad than good.

The daily running routine is usually a 10km/h run on a 4-6% incline for about 75 minutes. This is probably excessive for most people 🙂 30 minutes is meant to be enough for people who want to maintain their weight. I’ll also admit that this is something that not many people have time to do especially if you have long work hours or kids – but it’s not impossible to add in. Run during lunch hours or in the morning – there’s things that can be done; it just needs to be found.

Aside from maintaining my weight, running like this is to maintain my fitness. One of my goals when I had started my diet was to run in the City2Surf. I didn’t do it that year – which I do somewhat regret – but, I have since done it in 2012 and 2013.

Very proud moments for myself – and something I hope to do every single year.

For those that don’t know, the annual City2Surf is the worlds largest fun run that extends from the Sydney city centre and goes all the way to the iconic Bondi Beach. It’s a 14km run.

My daily exercise is essentially to make sure I’m capable of running that 14km course.

City2Surf '12, '13 Medals

2012 saw me complete that run in 1hr 7min 56sec. This year I was able to shave off a couple minutes to complete it in 1hr 5min 33sec. A slight improvement, but, still a good one nonetheless. Hopefully I can improve on the time again next year.

Admittedly, I don’t run in any other events held across the year – of which there are many – simply because I’m a bit too lazy, and somewhat fear for what I’d do to myself – haha.

I would probably be taking them all too seriously and it would be non-stop training throughout the year. That’d simply be too intense. I’m fine with only taking part in City2Surf 🙂

In any event, it’s good to go on a diet – there’s a lot of variants and crazes around. The one I did worked for me so I got lucky. Look around for one that appeals to you – just make sure you actually follow it! Once you’re done, maintain it – through exercise and balanced meals – you’ll be  better for it.