Long time no post!


Gee, the last post I made was 6 months ago… apologies to anyone who actually cared to read this blog. I may as well try pick things up again. I suppose the main excuse I’ve had is that just over 6 months ago I started a full time job (more on that later), and consequently, virtually had no time to work on anything (outside of my job) that was worth posting about. Well, I guess waiting 6 months to post means I can rack up lots of little things to talk about :p

That being said though, I’d rather make individual posts to fit in with the categories I’ve got in here instead of some giant post with lots of things mixed up.

Still, damn, been so long since I even visited this site that when I had to update stuff I had almost forgotten where the files were for the site, haha. Anyway, stay tuned! There should be some posts incoming soon 🙂