Diet Summary [Completed]


Right, well, I could have completely posted about this when I finished my diet back in… May… but I didn’t, cause I was lazy. Woo!

Putting that poor excuse aside, as a small recap, I was on a 3-phase diet for 18 weeks where the first phase was eating only dinners and having meal supplements for breakfast and lunch. Then 2nd phase was eating lunch and dinner and finally the 3rd phase was eating as per normal. Of course apart from controlling what I ate, I increased my physical activity to help me slim down and feel better.

The handy and nice thing about the diet is that you would input your weight and waist measurements at the start of each week on the Healthy Weight For Life website. This keeping track of your progress is pretty much integral in a diet. It might sound obvious but it’s true.

On that note, that there’s my weight graph. Yep, during that time I lost almost 30kg’s, and, in fact, even after finishing my diet I lost a couple more kilo’s and at current I average around 66 to 69kg’s depending on the time of day 😉

Maintaining ones weight can be difficult but I got myself into a routine during the diet that it’s sort of natural now. A routine which if course is simply exercise. Keep exercising and your body gets used to it, then push yourself a little harder and you get fitter and fitter. I can run at a good pace of 12km/h for 15 to 20 minutes on the treadmill and I’m proud of that. Although of recent I learned that running indoors isn’t quite the same as outdoors. Of course I’m hoping to get myself used to the outdoors, albeit in an unusual way.

In running about outside on the weekends, I’ve essentially learned that the hard part about outdoor running is the cool air. It’s painful on my nose and throat. But, that’s something anyone can adapt to – obviously since there’s people running outdoors :p So, what I simply do is while running on the treadmill, have an electric fan blowing directly into my face. It hurts just the same, haha.

Oh. Almost forgot something about that graph. You might notice that Goal 1 and Goal 2. Those are set by the diet program – the idea being that even losing 10% of your weight will result in much better health. I clearly reached that goal easily and exceeded it. But, to anyone reading this and wanting to lose some weight. Try it out and aim to lose 10% of your, well, fat. By no doubt if you manage to succeed in doing so, you’ll feel immensely better about yourself and may very well manage to lose even more!

What else is there… Well, there’s food. It’s no longer a concern post-diet. I do watch what I eat thanks to the stuff I learned during the diet (mainly watching energy input). If there’s nutritional information on something, I’ll read it and eat accordingly. It’s really as simple as that. Of course I try to be mindful of portion sizes as well and try to keep carbs as low as reasonably possible but it’s not like I’m a health freak who writes things down. In fact, I eat chips… cake… chocolate… whatever… as I want if I have a particular craving. Of course, though, I don’t splurge and go nuts.

So, lessons learned: exercise and watching what you eat. Yep.. that’s pretty much it. The hard part of course is the dedication required to get yourself to change your lifestyle. One that needs support from others to help you stay on track as well.

Anyway, this post is a bit of a mess, but hopefully someone out there finds it a little bit helpful and inspirational for them to start their own change in life for the better 😉