Diet – Phase 1 – Post-mortem (excellent progress!)


Hello all!

It’s been a while since I last posted and although I did say I’d try post after the first month, I well… didn’t. Been busy with things here and there and had other more pressing things to attend to. In any event, though, posting right after the completion of Phase 1 is more than alright.

For a small recap, Phase 1 involved eating only one meal a day, with two meal supplements (shakes and soup). Now that I’ve finished that, I can move onto Phase 2 – two meals a day and one meal supplement (usually taken as breakfast). Each phase lasts for 6 weeks and with 3 phases in total, the diet plan is for 18 weeks.

So then, how was Phase 1 for me? Well, it was good. As previously posted I did have a lot of times when I was feeling hungry, but, by the end of it, I wasn’t feeling so hungry all the time – just every once in a while during the day, and that was usually when it was edging closer to meal time. Admittedly, though, towards the end of the phase, I was thinking every once in a while about how much I miss eating a dinner meal (I recently started a new job, so my proper meal for the day was lunch). Good thing that it was towards the end of the phase – since it made me really look forward to starting on Phase 2.

Oh, and as a reminder, apart from these meal supplements and learning how to eat proper meals (proportioning – eating how much meat, veggies, carbs, etc), starting up and keeping a daily exercise regime is also part of the diet. I mentioned before that I was keeping up 1 hour a day on the treadmill – I haven’t faltered and kept it up. Except, I have extended it a bit to 70mins a day this past week, but it’s sort of because of the pattern of running I’m doing. The extra 10 mins is a sort of warm down, but it still counts towards the exercise! As for specifics, currently, I have been alternating at 5 minute blocks of 6km/h and 8km/h. The final 5 mins is 5km/h.

To make sure I don’t get bored on the treadmill, I’ve been watching Pokemon on my iPod 😛 Nothing beats watching something silly/childish while doing something serious 😉

Oh, I mentioned before that I was getting less hungry and all that. Well, it’s nifty I guess. Once in a while I would have a 6-inch sub for lunch, and I would be satisfied with that now. Which is pretty amazing since I used to be the type of person who could eat a foot long sub and down a few cookies along with it. I guess it’s obvious to say that my stomach has shrunk and thats obviously a good thing.

Ah, well, there’s been a lot of blah-blah-blah in this post, and I haven’t mentioned how much weight I’ve lost thus far.

*drum-roll* 😛

After 6 weeks of dieting and exercise, I’ve lost a little over 12kg’s. So, a nice 2kg’s a week.

I’m aiming to lose something like 25kg’s of fat, so given my current rate, that should be easy! Although, I’m certain that I’m gaining muscle mass from all that running on the treadmill 😉 – so looking at the scales won’t be too effective as the diet progresses.

I still have a belly, so as long as that disappears (which it slowly has been), towards something flat, then I’ll be extremely happy.

Hopefully I can also keep this weight off, but remember, the whole purpose of this diet is to teach me and my body into the habit of keeping a healthy lifestyle. No wonder it’s called Healthy Weight For Life 😛