Diet – First Day – Postmortem


Haven’t posted in a while, and since it would be a good idea to post about something, I figured that my diet would be post-worthy. Why? Well, it’s a “proper” diet – whatever that means. Well, actually, it means I’m following a program – specifically Healthy Weight For Life. It’s supposedly good, and well, it has to be if HCF is happy enough to cover me for it. And, I just started it on Saturday (yesterday).

Anyway, the program works in 3 phases. Phase 1 is essentially starving yourself… Well, not really… sorta. You’re given meal supplement shakes/soups that are meant to replace two out of your three meals. And the third meal is set according to recommended portioning. Whilst being hungry between meals, you can eat “free” foods – i.e. foods that are essentially so low in calories or whatever that you’re free to eat them.

For me, my current “free” food is… celery. Just cause it’s the easiest to prepare and eat (what’s there to prepare? just cut up and eat) – and I don’t like carrots 😛 Unfortunately, though, there’s a limit to how much celery a person can eat. So… for me, I think it’s just easier to go hungry, haha. Well, that sorta sounds terrible but oddly enough, for someone who is apparently obese (*sob sob* yes, I admit it *sob sob* heh), it doesn’t feel too bad to go hungry. It might be something I got a little used to from Uni – sitting in a computer lab working like crazy, I had to go without food since you couldn’t eat in there so I often forewent lunch 😛 Of course, I could actually just go and prepare something with the other free foods, but, I guess I’m just being a little lazy 😉

Oh, before I get sidetracked or anything, the apparent purpose of Phase 1 is to motivate people – by the “quick” drop in weight from this seemingly “harsh” phase. Again, I don’t mind it… since well, as long as I follow this, I’ll successfully lose weight while keeping my body healthy with the nutrients it needs… or something like that.

I suppose I’ll talk about the other phases when I actually start them, but, if anyone cares, you’re free to read about them on the website I linked in the opening of this.

Anyway, I feel motivated to do this – and I should be. Here’s to hoping it all works out.

P.S. This was posted while feeling hungry, heheh.