The World – InGame


A while back I posted some renders on DeviantArt of the Mac Anu Chaos Gate room from The World R:2.

Well, it’s been a while since then and I figured I could post something as a sort of progress report 😉

I would be much more further in progress if Minecraft didn’t come along and be so darn awesome!

As you can see there aren’t an UI elements available, they’ll come later. But, what I was mainly working on here (today) was a way to “easily” load up levels/stages. I went with property list (plist) files which are pretty much XML files, but since I’m on a Mac, there’s CoreFoundation methods to use it in C/C++. It is a bit messier than using the NS framework for Objective-C but what can you do. And well, XML is easy to parse anyway if I ever move this to Windows.

But ,back to using plist files (or XML). This is mainly since it should be additionally easy for servers to send clients the data for generated areas by the keyword system, which I’ll be figuring out later down the track – finishing Mac Anu comes first!

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