Folding Bike


So I got a folding bike today from Aldi for $169. Yes, Aldi of all places. But for that price, who can give it up? A quick search on ebay for “foldable bicycle” gives me the cheapest at around $200 for this design (with smaller wheels too).

Of course, though, you get what you pay for – yes, it’s a bike and yes, it folds but it’s pretty heavy. For now it’s pretty darn useful since I can store it in the house out of mind instead of in the garage where it’ll probably rust and be a breeding ground for spiders. But it’s weight makes it unreasonable for carrying long periods of time – but that shouldn’t be a problem since you’d be riding it most of the time 😉

I haven’t actually riden it yet though, I will later and update this post about how it feels (and probably some photos of my own) – I’m liking the fact it’s six-speed too!

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