So I’m currently with TPG on ADSL1 with a 1.5Mbit connection. No problems whatsoever with the service or anything like that – in fact, quite happy with them after using their services just a month shy off 2 years.

The woes instead come from being on a sub-exchange.

It results in confusion and annoyance when wanting to get new services or upgrading.

TPG pulled off a really awesome move on Monday by providing ADSL1 and ADSL2+ plans from the Telstra Wholesale Network for people like me who don’t have access to TPG DSLAMs.

Now, on Monday, I requested a change to their ADSL1 Off-Net 8Mbit Unlimited plan, and got a response a couple hours later saying “Ah, well you can only get ADSL2+ Off-Net” so I figured, “Good news then!

Fast forward 4 days and they tell me Telstra wasn’t able to change my ADSL service – and of course, I asked them why: something about the “transpositioning” being unsuccessful. And, in the same e-mail they tell me “Well, you can get ADSL1 Off-Net instead.

Christ, that’s what I wanted in the first place.

So now I’ve gotta wait another 3-5 business days for improved speed. Plus the weekend is just going to make the wait longer.

Ok, well, maybe I am slightly annoyed at TPG for not looking at the details of my phone line properly, but I guess they’re at the mercy of Telstra to know everything. So maybe I’ll direct my annoyance at them instead.

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